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I am a graphic designer raised and residing in Ipswich, Massachusetts. I love living by the oceanside because it is the cusp of all kinds of possibility. I recently moved back to Essex County after living in the red rock desert of Utah for 2 years. Specifically, Moab.

The lessons of the pandemic joined hands with my personal intuition and thus moving home to change my career was an easy decision.

Now I am studying Graphic Design at North Shore Community College, working towards my associate’s degree. I love creating things from scratch, I love problem solving to create better, more functional design, I love presenting my clients with design materials that they see themselves in.

After earning my BS in Geology from UMass Amherst I went west to work for the National Park Service and the United States Geological Survey. This is where I learned to paint landscapes.

I am available for graphic design and marketing work: branding, social media strategy, logos, posters, stickers, photography, illustration and more. I would love to work with your ideas and budget.

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